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EPA Plans Will Bust Your Hotrod!!!!

Monday 20 September 2010 at 7:50 pm

The EPA is at it AGAIN!

Any 1st year Engineering student can easily lecture the EPA about their lack of scientific testing & their glut of foolhardy laws. The sad part is that I believe that these Bureaucrats & Pencil-necks are actually intentioned individuals. They are just too arrogant or too effin' stupid to understand an Engineer. How else can you explain the fact that the EPA has often tried to legislate in defiance of the Laws of Physics? Like when they eliminated the propane from gasoline a couple of years ago, which decreased the BTUs per gallon, which resulted in an INCREASE in consumption! (DUH! Failed that class, eh Lisa?)

This time they want to foist a law on the general public that will COST YOU A BUNDLE! With virtually NO TESTING, the EPA wants to up the amount of Ethanol in today's (alleged) fuel. Alcohol attracts moisture & eats rubber parts. ALL vintage motor vehicles have fuel lines, fuel pumps, carb parts, etc made from rubber bits which will swell, rot, & leak from the higher concentration of ethanol. New parts that are alcohol resistant will cost you a lot more when you go to replace them... IF you can find them!

IMHO, if this goes thru, we're screwed, so READ THIS, get off yer ass, & help!!!


EPA Threatens to Raise Ethanol Content in Gasoline

Under pressure from ethanol producers to raise the ethanol content in gasoline, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could issue a decision later this month allowing the use of E15 in late-model cars. It could permit the use in other cars at a later date. The SEMA Action Network (SAN) opposes the shift from E10 to E15 due to concerns that the additional content will harm automobiles of all ages, including special interest collector and historic vehicles. To date, there is a lack of conclusive information regarding E15's effect on engines of different model years. In addition to the potential harm of E15 on engine components, the EPA has no procedure in place to ensure misfueling does not occur or any plan for ensuring regular gasoline continues to be available for older vehicles. The SAN's concerns are shared by a number of other industry organizations.

We Urge You to Ask President Obama (Contact Information Below) to Stop the EPA from Raising the Ethanol Content in Gasoline

Dear Mr. President:

I strongly urge you to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from raising the amount of ethanol in gasoline from today's 10 percent (E10) to 15 percent (E15) - a 50 percent increase.

* The EPA is under pressure from some corporate ethanol supporters to raise the rates in order to boost sales. However, scientific studies have not yet been completed on concerns that the added content could harm auto parts of all ages.
* When ethanol levels are raised, engines react differently and in a potentially dangerous way. Ethanol causes engines to burn hotter which could lead to premature engine and equipment failure. For newer cars, the "check engine" light may appear unnecessarily or too late to avoid costly repairs.
* Ethanol also increases water formation in the fuel system, especially when the vehicle sits over a period of time. Under these conditions, formic acid is created which corrodes metals, plastics and rubber. This can lead to engine/parts failures and, potentially, safety hazards.
* If the EPA approves E15, it will state that the increased ethanol is only for recent model cars. However, once a new fuel mix enters the gasoline supply system, it will inevitably end up in the wrong engines.
* Gasoline without any ethanol may simply disappear from the marketplace for millions of Americans with older cars or special interest collector and historic vehicles. E10 has already made this a reality in many areas of the country.
* The EPA should wait until all of the scientific research is complete. There is no need for a rush to judgment.

DON'T DELAY! Please contact President Obama at http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

Please e-mail a copy of your letter to Steve McDonald at stevem@sema.org. Thank you for your assistance.

Scarlett Fever Custom MC Raffle

Thursday 02 September 2010 at 11:26 pm I saw this on the HAMB & I just had to swipe it for everybody to get in on this worthy cause! This posting is by the a fellow hot rodder, Bob James. Take a chance & help a brother out.

First, We want to give our deepest appreciation to the folks at the HAMB for allowing us to post this thread and for their support of our baby girl Scarlett. Without the help of the hot rod and custom car & motorcycle community things would be alot different for her and our family, so thanks to all of you for your continued support.

As most of you know Scarlett has Rett Syndrome and there is no cure. The doctors said she wouldnt live to see her 9th birthday, We wouldnt accept that and shes alive and strong today at the age of 16. she has underwent several surguries including having her entire spine fused, She has horrible seizures, She cant walk, talk, feed herself etc. You may have seen her at the shows in her Gambinos Kustoms custom built wheelchair. Al being one of her godfathers made sure she was pushed around in style. We are giving away a custom built motorcycle to help cover her rising medical costs and special needs.
We will be giving the motorcycle away at BILLETPROOF in Antioch Ca. on Sept 19th. Tickets are just a donation of $20.00 each and YOU NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN ! We only have 1500 that will be available and at this point we have sold a mere 460 tickets so your chances are very good.
The bike will be shown a various local shows until its giveaway.
You can purchase tickets by contacting us through this thread or by Private message.


SAN BRUNO, CA. 94066

The bike was built by GRUMPYS MOTORCYCLES with custom paint by TYLER PULLEN of T.P. CUSTOMS with major donations from ROAD LORDS c.c. & Custom CHROME. It is equipt with a 98" Shovelhead motor w/ dual plugged heads,S&S Stroker kit installed in factory cases, 98" Big bore kit with 10 to 1 ratio total, direct oiler kit,Hard lined oil lines with genuine Earls fittings, 5 speed Spyke transmission,3" BDL open primary with competitor clutch,Cole Foster gas tank, 4 piston chrome front brake, "Sprotor" style rear brake, Exile forward controls,Arlen Ness hand controls, Avon White wall tires,custom seat by Needles & Pins pleat shop,laced,flaked & scalloped. and lots more ! These pics do not do justice to the killer paint job done by TYLER PULLEN. Heres a chance to win a killer custom motorcycle and help out one of our own at the same time ! TICKETS ONLY A 20 DOLLAR DONATION AND YOU NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN ! ! !
Check out her myspace site to learn more about her and what everybody is doing to help out.[URL=
And we thank you all again for your support.